Wednesday, June 11, 2014

From the Start

   Art is always a new experience. You could be an artist for your whole life time but you would always end up starting back at the beginning. You would always be using different techniques, different styles, and different materials. Your ideas would be new and fresh each time you start a new project. I've taken an art class before in school but comparing it to this year, everything changed. Each new project required a different mindset. The bike drawings were completely different from sculpting. The candy jar project was a world away from the collages. Nothing was the same. That is what made my art experience this year so much fun. I always got to try new things and learn different techniques. Although I know I'm not the next Michael Angelo, I still had a really great time making the art that I have made. I started with little confidence but throughout the year I realized this isn't math. There are no right or wrong answers. Everybody's creation is different and everyone has there own preferences. I've learned many things related to art this year such as shading, mixing colors, sculpting, and many more. The most important thing I learned this year is to be patient. I learned that being frustrated while drawing or sculpting or just making art in general is common. I'm sure I'm not alone. Just by looking at the other students around the room I could tell they were frustrated also. While being frustrated occurs often, I learned that I shouldn't let it stop me from making art. It taught me how being patient is what makes art that much more enjoyable. Overall, I'm proud of what I learned. It definitely wasn't easy at times but it was worth it in the end. Hopefully in the future, I can create even more experiences like the ones I have created this year.

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