Monday, June 9, 2014

Locked Away

Coming towards the end of the school year, the art class' assignment was to make a time capsule. We started out with a plain, white, identical boxes and it was our job to make them our own. 

Throughout the year we added different things to each of our boxes and towards the end we were given a list of things to try and find and put inside. Sounds easy enough, right? Not so much. Trying to find things that I wanted to include within my time capsule was challenging. It wasn't challenging in a bad way, but it required some thought. For me, it was hard to find something important enough to put in there but not important enough to the point that I couldn't part with the object. It was interesting searching through my room and house and finding old things that I never really see on a daily basis. I found old pictures, letters, gifts, and so much more. It was really fun. Sometimes you don't realize all of the stuff you have until you actually take the time to sit down and look through it. Most of the time, half of it is junk. I found that my room itself was almost like a time capsule itself. Who knows how long those letters have been crammed in the back of my desk? By transferring those things from my room into my time capsule, it makes me wonder how I will feel when I open the time capsule up again in the future. Will I smile like I did when I found those pictures? Will my memories be the same as they were when I read those letters the other day? That's the fun part. It is also the part I cannot wait to find out in the future.

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