Monday, March 17, 2014

Stories to Sculptures

    Have you ever been completely fascinated by something? That no matter how many times you see it, you still cannot look away from it? I know the feeling. For as long as I remember, my family and I have been fascinated by rain storms. Not the rain that you can barely even see, but that thundering, booming, lightning-flashing thunderstorm that you can feel throughout your whole body.
    As soon as we see the dark clouds in the sky, my family and I rush towards the windows. Then comes the thunder and with thunder comes lightning. I know they say to never stand by the window when there is lightning outside but I think that my family would rather risk their lives for the chance to watch the thunderstorm take place outside than to not be able to see anything at all. 
     What fascinates us? The easier question would be what doesn't fascinate us? Outside, you can slowly see the black and grey clouds rolling in. In reality, there is not much else you can see. All true forms start to become blobs of color that you can just make out through the pouring rain. Every once and a while, the "blobs" of color are illuminated by the flash of lightning above them. It's not only what we can see that amazes us but it's what we feel. It's like there is a static in the air. A thickness in a way. You can even smell the rain before it comes. You can hear the sound of the raindrops crashing into the ground. It's like its own soundtrack. Bring all of those factors together, and my family and I go crazy! 
    I always wonder what we look like from outside. Probably insane. But at that point, we don't care how we look. We are too busy squashing our faces against the glass, waiting for the next storm to come.

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