Wednesday, January 22, 2014

From Fortune Cookies to Art!

Everybody always enjoys seeing what their fortunes are whether they believe them or not. And each fortune can have a different meaning to everyone. I really enjoyed looking deeper into the fortune cookies I received in class and turning it into art. With that said, it was still extremely hard. As I mentioned in my previous post, I am not talented with collages. They are against me. But I did my best with what I had.

All of my fortunes had the same message to them in a way. They all had the idea of being patient, and calm, and then you will succeed. But how was I supposed to change that message into art? So instead of trying to work with that exact message, I went with the idea of fortune cookies in general. I decided to write down each of the fortunes on the paper, in cursive of course, and slowly bury them, or try to make them hidden. I attempted to give the message that fortunes are always hazy, and that you have to be patient in order to understand them. And that there are always different paths to take although they aren't always clear. Overall it was challenging, but as always, fun!

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