Wednesday, January 22, 2014

ART x 3

The 'Art x 3' project was definitely one of the hardest projects. It really proved that everyone had their own style. Collages have always been hard for me. I personally like making art from scratch rather than putting together things that already exist in order to make new art. What made this project even harder was the fact that we had to give our page that we worked on each day away multiple times. It was hard because you would receive a new page, and maybe it wasn't all that bad, but it always ended up being not your style. Or maybe it wasn't giving off the same message as you were trying to portray. It was definitely a rough experience.

  Overall, finishing with something that wasn't completely mine was fun. It had pieces that I contributed but it wouldn't have gotten there without the other people who worked on it's help. The lesson I learned would be that everybody has their own style. And they think their own way. Because although we had the same topic, everyone had a different message.

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