Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Printing Pop Art

I can easily say that the 'pop print/ pop art' project was one of my favorites. In the beginning, choosing what I wanted to draw was the hardest part. First, I was thinking what object would be the coolest to draw and turn into a stamp. But then, as I started noticing what everyone else was choosing, I just decided to choose an object nobody was choosing. That turned out to be the Extra Gum container. Turning it into a stamp was fairly simple and making the designs in the stamp was fun. Overall, the stamping was the most fun part of course. I really liked how you could stamp the same thing over and over again, yet, you made it different each time by changing the color/design. I was surprised at the outcome because in the beginning, I honestly thought it would be boring and repetitive but it turned out to create a fun, "poppy" piece of art!


  1. I really love the colors you chose! I live gum too ;) hahahahaahah p.s. It's Haley hello regan ! Greetings!